Bathtub & Shower Bottoms - Cracks & Leaking

Does your fiberglass shower or tub feel weak and flexible?

We offer a permanent solution for cracked tubs and showers!

When this happens do not delay repairing this serious problem. Just as you would immediately repair a drain pipe leaking onto your floors or walls, a cracked, leaking tub will cause major damage to your home. If left unchecked substantial water damage does occur, causing moldy conditions that can lead to other serious health issues. The longer you wait the worse it gets!

Repair Option #1

Replace the entire unit...

This option is not usually cost effective, as you would need to involve a plumber, sheet-rocker, painter, and flooring professionals to put your bathroom back together! A bathtub repair and bathtub refinish from ASAP Quality Repair generally costs about 25% the price of replacing your bathtub or shower.

Repair Option #2

Rebuild the Bottom...

If the bathtub bottom is newly broken through and has not been used more than a few times, it is possible to rebuild your bathtub bottom by reinforcing the structure and fiber-glassing the bottom. A new gel-coat surface is then applied to the entire bathtub bottom making it stronger than a new unit. We have rebuilt tub bottoms to support over 400 lbs (New tubs support 300lbs). The tub performs and looks like new! This option is cost effective, and a fraction (generally a quarter) of what option 1 costs!

Repair Option #3
Tub and Shower Inlay

We use inlays when the bottom has broken through and needs a new one. The inlay bonds to existing bathtub or shower bottoms. The result is a surface that looks great and is more durable that the original. This can be done in bone or white.

Not Sure What You Need?

Determining what kind of repair you need can be difficult. 

Set up a consultation with a repair technician to have your specific repair needs explained to you and to recieve a free quote. 

Busy schedule? Send us an e-mail with a picture. 


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